Meet the Cyber Family and friends

Carol smallCarol Cyber: Bank manager. Married to Bob
Bob smallBob Cyber: Bob works for a very large software company
Alice small 3Alice Cyber; 18 year old high school student
DavidDavid Cyber: 21 year old college student
SamSecurity Sam:
DawnDetective Dawn: Dawns is a cyber security expert and works in the cyber crime division of the local police and is on lone from the FBI
FloFix-it Flo: Flo runs the local computer shop.
Phil smallPhishing Phil
Trudy smallIntruder Trudy
Eve smallEavesdropping Eve
Paula smallPosting Paula
IvanID Ivan
Malory smallMalicious Malory
BrianBully Brian
Red VirusVirus Vicky
wormWormy Wally