Welcome to Hackerville

Hackerville is an interactive website designed to support the security literacy project at Iowa State. It consists of many domains to help with its mission. Below is a list of these domains:

  1. www.hackerville.org:

Main web portal to access the lab materials. The site will contain tools and web pages that do not require separate servers. Things like: traceroute, password checkers, DNS lookup, simple crypto examples, etc. It will also contain the written lab assignments.  Any solutions will be hosted on the security literacy website.

  1. mail.hackerville.org (Not yet available)

This server hosts a read-only web-based email server with user accounts for the cyber family and others.  The email server may have multiple password methods (single factor, and multi-factor).  Students and teachers will be able to read email messages sent to the users of this server. For example students or teachers can use the server bad.hackerville.org to create spam or phishing email messages and have them sent to a user on this email server.

  1. tmi.hackerville.org (Not yet available)

A social media site used to teach concepts of sharing.  It may use the website designed by Eric Rodine (MS project)

  1. games.hackerville.org (Not yet available)

A website for students to play games. It will support logins, can be used to show malware, and also allow discussions about sharing information online.

  1. bank.hackerville.org (Not yet available)

The hackerville bank. This is a good site and will have logins (single and maybe two-factor). It will also have accounts for cyber family and maybe allow other accounts to be created. Students will be able to compare this site with the fake bank located at bad.hackerville.org/bank when there is phishing.

  1. videos.hackerville.org (Not yet available)

Website to support downloading of videos. No authentication, used to show malware, etc. Can also be used to discuss over sharing from the cyber family.

  1. shopping.hackerville.org (Not yet available)

A shopping web site

  1. cofffee.hackerville.org

Used for wireless security discussions.

  1. bad.hackerville.org
  2. Hackerville Bank http://citybank.com.hackerville.org
  3. File sharing http://fileshare.com.hackerville.org

Site where bad things come from.

  1. Send spam email to mail.hackerville.org
  2. Sniff traffic
  3. Create web pop up
  4. Crack passwords

Also site where bad versions of the good web site are hosted

  1. bad.hackerville.org/bank
  2. bad.hackerville.org/