An Interactive IT Security Teaching Experience
Based on Computer Security Literacy: Staying Safe in a Digital World

Under Construction

Hackerville is currently working on its online environment to support the following user experiences:

Students can play as a persona

There will be a virtual representation of Hackerville where students will be able to “visit” buildings, and create their own digital identity. New users may “move in” to their own apartment, which will be equipped with various resources and IoT devices—voice assistant, remote vacuum, security system, home WiFi, etc. Then, as current residents, they can complete tasks around the neighborhood. This website will be used to help set the context for various lessons like the wireless sniffing lesson. Those who are just visiting can play as a tourist to explore Hackerville.

Students can play as a Hackerville character

Students may assume the persona of one of the predefined characters in Hackerville, such as the Cyber family, the hackers, and the defenders. Depending on the initial setup by the teacher, access maybe limited to the hackers.

Teachers play as landlords

To regulate new residents—students—teachers but the apartment complexes that the residents live in.