Chapter 1.1: Cyber Family Story Continued

Bob and Carol Cyber now know they need to connect to a local Internet Service Provider (ISP) in order to get internet access. The ISP won’t let the Cyber family use their infrastructure for free though, so Bob and Carol need to decide which of the ISP’s available plans would be best for their situation. After deciding on a plan, the ISP can install the proper modem and the Cyber family will be ready for the next step! Here is what Bob and Carol know:

  1. Bob spends most of his free-time doing some online shopping for his next project.
  2. Carol likes to stream the latest television show.
  3. Oscar likes to watch a lot of kids shows online.
  4. Alice joins her mother for TV shows and has her own channel on YouTube.
  5. David goes to a local college and will only be back home during the summers. However, when he is home, David stays connected with his friends through video games.
  6. The family, when David is home, will have 12 devices connected to the internet at a time and their new house is in a rapidly urbanizing area of town.

Here are the ISP’s available residential plans for the Cyber family’s area:

Fiber100 MBPS100 MBPS$105 a month
Cable100 MBPS25 MBPS$80 a month
DSL60 MBPS5 MBPS$50 a month
Satellite30 MBPS3 MBPS$60 a month

Which one do you think is best for the Cyber family and why?

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